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The aim of CATANA is to supply you with all tooling that you need for overhaul or repair of aircraft components. Some tools are bought directly from the OEM or an alternative source, others are designed in-house.

Typical products that we have designed ourselves are:

  • test adapters and test fixtures
  • wrenches, spanners, including splined tools
  • seal installation tools
  • extractors and installation tooling
  • test boxes and electromechanical devices

Using the commonality in design and using the digital 3-D models helps us to generate new designs with relative little effort.

Our complete capability, including the assortment of our suppliers, can be found through the tool search engine on this web site. You can search by tool, but also by ATA-chapter (CMM), component partnumber or application. It will show you all tools per CMM or component and indicate our capability. For each tool that we can supply you can find a short description. 


PW2000 tooling2