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CATANA works with engineers that have over 20 years of experience in designing tools for aerospace. Using latest 3D technology and design software, we build models of the tool in the application such that we can simulate the tool usage before manufacturing. Using the Arinc 668 as a guideline we thoroughly evaluate each tool for its intended usage and its critical design aspects. Each tool is carefully tested, evaluated and validated in the application before it is released to the customer. Whenever applicable we also provide CE-marking with our products. Each tool that we design comes with appropriate documentation to show compliance with the intended usage, which can be downloaded by our customers from this website.  

Customers who are using our tools are encouraged to send us their comments about their experience. We strongly believe that the mechanic who has day-to-day experience has the best knowledge about what works best for him. Your feedback is essential in improving our current and future designs.

We are very interested to look into any tooling requirement that you may have and when needed we will come to your location and spend the time needed to make a new or better design (send contact form)